15 Apr 2014

It's offical, I'm totally shipping #carlton

Yeah, you've might have heard about a youtube phenomenon called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, if you are one of the few that haven't go fix it, right now. I mean NOW! Do it! ;) Then came the new series, Welcome to Sanditon with Gigi Darcy for Pemberley Digital. And now, here's Emma Approved. Yeah, you need to check it out. LDB and Emma collides as Caroline Lee turns up as Mrs Elton-to-be. So the #carlton - ship was a go. Yeah, I'm not a fan of Elton or Caro, but hey, when Drunk Austen calls out for a shipping vid, who am I to say no? :P So here's a few fans, shipping a way, inspired by Fresh Prince's Carlton.

I leave it to you to figure out which of them I am... :P 

4 Jul 2013

Denise and Moray Wallpaper

So I did it. I made the two into a wallpaper. You're welcome.


And another one

I had to do a pic with Denise to, while I was at it, from eppie nr 6. Same style. Thinking of making these two in to one wallpaper. I think it could work.

I'll be back...

Rain makes me creative

I've been busying myself with The Paradise again. Since we've got a new laptop I needed to cut into the eppies again since I've got an idea for a fanvid. And editing makes me rewatch the series and is perfect for finding those special moments and snippets. Just before I watched this rather heartbreaking scene between Mr Moray and Katherine when he speaks of what he longs for in episode 6. So I just had to make something with it...

I was going to make a wallpaper, but ended up with this instead. I'm quite pleased.

15 Jun 2013


The waiting is finally over...

Season 6 Promo

On a different note I'm a bit hesitant as what to do with this blog. My dedication is a bit off at the moment. I'm currently writing in my usual, Swedish blog more frequently and also in English when I see fit, but I still think I need this outlet too. For the more obsessive stuff. Okay? Okay. I'm gonna try to be more active, make some wallpapers and what nots. Perhaps a fanvideo or two... 

10 May 2013

Just sayin'

credit goes to whoever made this! Found it on BJs fb-page
"What value will there be in life, if we are not together?"
- Tom Lefroy, Becoming Jane

6 Jan 2013

The Paradise Fanvideo

I finally managed to finish the fanvideo I was talking about before. :) A bit fed up with Windows Live Movie maker now, because it keeps crashing or working incorrectly, otherwise a very nice and handy little editing program. So without further ado, I give you "Come what may, a 'The Paradise'-story".

Hope you like it! :)